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"Thank you for this amazing guide. I am 46 years old, have been a
struggling cyclist for some time, and never managed to properly prepare myself for cycling races. As a result I always found some excuse not to compete in cycling events.

Once I started using the techniques described in this guide I found that it was perfect for me and I manage to monitor my workouts and progress.

This guide supplied me with all the information I needed to boost my confidence and knowledge. I have since competed in several cycle races (some longer that 100 km's) which I completed comfortably. My seeding index dropped from 59 to 38 in the space of one cycling season, and I no longer start races with the back-end strugglers.

My goal is to improve my seeding index another 10 points in the next season using these techniques. Thanks for the great book (and the two other free books), the feedback, and encouragement."

       LR: Johannesburg, South Africa

"I am a recreational cyclist but, due to various reasons, always struggled to maintain any consistent form of fitness resulting in me nearly abandoning cycling as a sport. I tried various approaches including group training session with my buddies as well as joining a gym where I received personal coaching. As a result of my erratic working hours, I missed the training sessions with my buddies so frequently that I soon found myself out of their league. The same happened with the gym where I spent money without getting any benefit as I could not always fit in the time to attend the training program. Your guide allowed me to train at my pace and around my working schedule, with the added advantage of exactly knowing what to focus on to increase my fitness, speed and confidence. I am seeing major differences in my peformance and finished every major race I have entered comfortably. I am now ready to take my cycling to the next level."

     Werner, South Africa

   To your cycling enjoyment!



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