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Author: Kenneth Elliott

One of the largest areas of sports supplementation today is the use of Prohormones and other Legal Designer Anabolics. Prohormones are synthetic compounds which are used in short ´cycles´ to enhance areas of physique development and physical performance. Prohormones are not a replacement for proper diet or exercise but they can enhance results beyond normal ranges.

Prohormones can aid the development of new lean muscle tissue, improve strength, enhance sexual desire and performance and help retain muscle whilst shedding unwanted body fat.

Prohormones are usually sold alongside other sports supplements however as they act within the hormonal systems of the body it is important to research and understand Prohormones more carefully than others to ensure you get the maximum benefits whilst avoiding side effects.


In a purely technical definition a Prohormone is a compound that is converted into an active hormonal compound by enzymatic process inside the body. Essentially the ´Pro´ means prior or providing and the ´Hormone´ describes an active substrate in the body which performs various functions.

In the world of Sports Supplementation and Ergogenics (compounds which improve performance) Prohormones refers specifically to those compounds which convert into Anabolic Androgenic hormones such as Testosterone.

Anabolic refers to ´Tissue Building´ meaning the effect of a hormone on causing increases in protein synthesis and the creation of new muscle tissues.

Androgenic refers to ´Masculinisation´ or ´Enhancing the Male Characteristics´ meaning the effect of a hormone on the things that create the male sex characteristics such as higher sex drive, facial hair growth, confidence and aggression etc.


In the male body the principal sex hormone is called testosterone as opposed to female bodies which have estrogen as their primary sex hormone. These primary sex hormones make most of the fundamental differences in how men and women differ in physical and psychological markers. Testosterone in men pushes men to develop larger muscles, have higher upper body strength, higher sex drives, higher body hair and development of facial hair as well as more confrontational or competitive tendencies. Testosterone is the most famous but by no means the only anabolic hormone in the human body.

WHAT DO PROHORMONES DO? Prohormones represent legal alternatives to AAS (Anabolic Androgenic Steroids) as they can convert into powerful anabolic hormonal substances in the body. When using prohormones your body undergoes a powerful transformation in its hormonal chemistry. With this increased hormonal platform you find many metabolic processes are increased, meaning you will find it easier to gain new muscle tissue, train harder, get stronger and shed unwanted body fat.

Prohormones convert into hormones that can increase the rate of protein synthesis. This meaning your body can utilise more of the protein you ingest and turn it into new muscle tissue as a response to training stimulus at a far faster rate than you could with a normal hormone level.

Prohormones could be thought of as ´Turbo Chargers´ for your body. They are not an alternative to proper diet and exercise and these will always be the principal ways to induce positive changes in your body. However, the carefully planned use of Prohormones can allow you to speed up progress or break through barriers that you might not achieve under normal circumstances.


Use of prohormones should be carefully planned. Year round use is not advisable as taking prohormones temporarily disrupts your natural hormone levels. Prohormones are generally used in well planned cycles. These ´cycles´ can last anywhere between two and twelve weeks, though you will find that most common is around 30 days or 4 weeks.

When you begin taking Prohormones they begin to convert into active hormonal substances in your body. These substances may have different effects although they will tend to have very noticeable changes in muscle tissue development, strength and sex drive.


Anytime you place an artificial hormone in your body you will find this can disrupt your natural hormone levels as the body senses this extra source of hormones and responds by reducing its own production. In men this means that during use of Prohormones your natural testosterone production, controlled by the HPTA (Hypothalamus, Pituitary, Testicular Axis - the three organ systems that oversee and actually make testosterone in men) responds by dropping its output. This is known as Suppression or Shutdown.

Prohormones are so powerful that during their use you will not see any effect from this diminished natural hormone levels and can gain new muscle and lose unwanted fat much more easily than normal. However following the completion of a course of prohormones you will find that you need to restore your normal hormone levels to ensure you maintain the gains made during the cycle. There are various other compounds that can be used to naturally restore your natural hormone levels. This process is known as PCT (Post Cycle Therapy). Almost all Prohormone cycles should be followed by a proper PCT.


Prohormones come in many different forms and each can have very different effects depending upon its chemical structure. Different prohormones can be employed for different goals which is why you will often find a wide range of different prescriptions for their use.

Prohormones have different structures, some are very anabolic but not very androgenic, some are mild, others are very powerful, some are easy to use whilst others can have harsh side effects and must be used very carefully.

Choosing Prohormones will depend on your current goals and needs. Strong prohormones may help you pack on much more overall size but may well add a little body fat and water whilst you do. Other prohormones may add less mass but will be very ´dry´ meaning no water bloat or excess fat. Other prohormones may be more suited to helping you hold onto muscle whilst on a strict fat loss diet and will aid with leaning out.

Whichever your current goal in training and diet is, you will find various prohormones more suited to the task.


Prohormones are made by many companies, some as part of wide sports supplement ranges, while others are made by companies specialising in prohormones alone. There are many new companies joining the market all the time however it is important to look for a good reputation when purchasing your Prohormones.

Noted Prohormone manufacturers include Anabolic Xtreme, LG Sciences, Androtech Labs, BBS, ALRI, Gaspari Nutrition, Black China Labs, AMMO, IBN, RPN, Designer Supplements, PharmagenX, EST Nutrition, Ergopharm and Spectra Force.


Side effects of Prohormones vary as much as their primary effects but are usually related to the effects of hormones such as Testosterone or Estrogen.

Prohormones that may show some conversion into estrogen or progesterone (female hormones) may cause fat gain, water retention (bloat) or gynecomastia (female breast tissue, sometimes called bitch tits or man boobs). To avoid these side effects it can be advisable to use a separate anti-estrogen or estrogen blocker supplement alongside. Also avoid harsh converting prohormones if you have ever had any problems with gyno before.

Prohormones that may show some conversion to DHT (dihydrotestosterone) a powerful testosterone substrate may see extra spots, prostate enlargement or hair thinning. These side effects are not always avoidable. There are mild DHT blockers you can use to reduce these effects but in general stronger compounds may always show these effects to some degree. Look for milder or non DHT converting prohormones if these side effects worry you as these effects are usually only seen with harsher compounds.

Prohormones have different androgenic levels. Those with very low androgen levels may cause a decline in sex drive and mood, while those with high androgen levels will generally show a drastic rise in sex drive and mood. Many people stack anabolic and androgenic compounds together to get the benefits of both.

Prohormones that are methylated can place additional stress on the liver. Methylation is a process which enhances the oral availability of prohormones - meaning more of the substances survive into your body; however this additional stress on the liver can be harmful if overdone. When using methylated compounds always eliminate alcohol intake, drink extra water and use cycle support compounds such as Milk Thistle Extract which cleanses and protects the liver. Alternatively avoid methylated compounds entirely.


Always consume extra protein whilst cycling prohormones as your body can utilise much higher levels of muscle building protein during this time.

Always drink plenty of extra water to ensure proper hydration.

Stacking two or more prohormones at lower doses can be more effective than using a high dose of a lone prohormone.

Always plan a proper Post Cycle Therapy for after your Prohormone cycle to ensure you maintain gains and avoid side effects.

Recovery is enhanced on a cycle so train more often and harder than normal. Reduce training for the week after you stop using prohormones to give your body a break then return to normal to keep your gains.

Prohormones can make your other supplements more effective - use protein shakes, weight gainers, creatine and pump enhancers to maximise your gains on cycle.

Don´t use prohormones before 18 and always be sensible with their use as abuse can create more harm than good.

About the author: Be like the pros, take Pro hormones today to build lean big muscles.

To your cycling enjoyment!



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