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Article: Infant helmets benefits

Author: Bessouiket Benamara

Infant helmets are designed to be very light as well, even though they have increased coverage. With older kids weight probably isn't as critical as durability. But the perception of a light helmet is important to almost any user. Riders of any age just will not use a helmet they think of as heavy.

Manufacturers are still crying the blues, but for consumers it has been a buyer's market ever since. You can still pay over a hundred dollars for a helmet if you want the latest thing that lance armstrong used in the tour de france, but in discount stores it is not unusual to find decent helmets at $15 to $25, and even in bike stores there is usually a fine helmet around $35. Bike stores offer a valuable service: they will fit your helmet properly. That's worth a lot, since fit makes a big difference in how much protection a helmet gives you.

Infant helmets are primarily designed to give the fullest protection to the "fontanel" area of the head, which is the main 'soft spot' where childrens skulls are concerned. These areas must be protected without being in contact with the interior of the helmet in the event of impact, and as met claim to be the only brand which guarantees this protection they should be every parents first choice for peace of mind. The elfo is the smaller kids helmet from met, designed to fit 46 to 53 cm head sizes. (measure at the widest part of the head, above the ears). For full product information, visit the met website by clicking.

These helmets are safe, comfortable and easy to use. they feature anti-pinch chin pads, ultra-soft webbing and cool designs. Rounded coverage over the back of the child's head provides extra protection, while allowing clearance for child seats or trailer compartments. Summer, women specific, kid, and winter. Kids helmets are easy to adjust; a twist-knob offers you the flexibility to get to a perfect fit.

An inner reinforcement structure that can be found on all falcon and everest helmets which offers more protection. The washable and anti-bacterial pads help you to avoid bad odour surrounding your helmet.

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