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Article: Elite - The Quietest Trainers On The Market

Author: Art Penz

Elite may not be the best known cycling company, but if you take a closer look you will see that this Italian company may well be the best kept secret in the cycling world.

Elite was founded by Amerigo Sartoretoward the end of the 1970's. He started by designing training rollers and cycle racks for cars. By the 80's, Elite had expanded the product line to incorporate high tech water bottles. This line included the world's first leak-proof bottle. Its unique cap was designed to prevent the contents from leaking out, even if it was upside down, or crushed. It was called the Unicaand its specially designed cap not only kept the water in, it's bent top allowed the riders to see the road while refreshing themselves. By the 90's they continued their water bottle line to include extended thermal qualities that now are up to four hours of thermal insulation, even in the hot sun. While their advancements in water bottle technology are notable, the Elite products we tend to navigate toward are their advanced trainers.

In case you haven't heard about the coolness of the Elite Cronoframe, let us give you the scoop. One of the Elite series of trainers is called the Cronoline. Initially when you get on any of the Elite Crono trainers, like the Elite Crono Fluid, you will notice how amazingly quiet it is. The astounding silence is due to the fluid resistance unit and the high tech rollers that Elite is famous for.

The high tech rollers found in the Elite Crono Fluid, the Elite Crono Hydromag and the Elite Crono InOut trainers benefitted by the development of a substance called Elastogel. Aside from the supersonic name, ElastoGeloffers significantly less noise and much more resistance than your typical trainer. But the Elastogel is only partially responsible for making elite trainers the quietest trainers on the market. The second part of this equation is the fluid found in the Elite Crono Fluid, the Elite Crono InOut and the Elite CronoWireless Fluid Trainer. The redesigned fluid resistance unit found on the Elite Cronoseries has an 'in board' flywheel to allow for a wider roller (33% - 50% wider) and since all the moving parts are in fluid, the units are so silent your downstairs neighbor might buy you one for their own serenity. As an added bonus, the larger rollers improve the tire grip as well as reduce wear and vibration. With the combination of ElastoGeland the hydrodynamic resistance unit, you get incredibly slick shifting and velvety smooth pedal action in any of the Elite models that sport this winning combination.

Not all the Elite Trainers are fluid trainers, some are magnetic trainers. Like the Elite Crono Mag trainers which have five position resistance adjusters so you get a better workout regardless of whether you're warming up or climbing hard. The resistance adjusters work by a simple twist action that is mounted on your handlebars for fast and easy access. It's just like shifting gears. The resistance unit on the Elite Crono Maguses powerful magnets that are placed on the flywheel with two discs that cross its magnetic field.

Another cool feature of the Elite Cronos series is that you don't have to regulate the pressure of the roller or the resistance unit on the tire and you don't have to connect or disconnect the unit before or after the training either. The Cronoframe uses the rider's weight to ensure there is constant contact with the roller with no bolt or spring plate to adjust. This flexible system reduces the effect on your bike's frame and simulates the feeling of a real road ride.

Year in and year out, Elite continues to make strides in the Engineering and Mechanics of great trainers that not only give you a good workout session; they keep you interested in training by providing you with the most realistic feel you can get on an indoor trainer.

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