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   Herewith a answers to Frequently Asked Questions from our Affiliates:

   Q. What is the Payout to Affiliates & How is it paid?

   Payouts to affiliates are $27.75 per sale and payment is handled by Clickbank.
   You can set your payment preferences on Clickbank.

   Q. Is this product only available through Clickbank?
   Yes. To ensure a quality product and to facilitate the handling of payment from
   customers and payment to affiliates this product is only available on Clickbank.

   Q3. What support is available to customers?

   To allow you to focus on marketing and making money, we will handle all customer
   support questions and queries. Our e-mail is provided to allow customers to contact
   us directly.

   Q4. What support is available for Affiliates?

   We have a comprehensive Affiliate Tools Center where affiliates have all the marketing
   and promotional material they will ever need to promote this product. We also provide
   free affiliate marketing training guides to our affiliates.
   In addition to this affiliates also have access to online support.

   Q5. Is this a Niche Market?

   This is an extremely fast growing niche market with thousands of searches monthly,
   and expanding as we speak. Your potential to tap into this market and the amount of
   profit you can make is only limited by your imagination.

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