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   Dear Cyclist,
                     Are you thinking of entering an upcoming bicycle race
   but do not really know how to start or how to get yourself ready
   in time for the event?

    You have been looking everywhere for that bicycle racers guide that will
    give you all the information on what to expect, what equipment you
    need and how to prepare, in order to move YOU from cycling enthusiast
    to racing cyclist, but you could just not find it!

    My name is Marietjie and I have been involved in bicycle racing since 2000. I have competed in over
   100 major races including the two biggest timed cycling races in the world, the Cape Argus
   (Cape Town, SA) and the 94.7 Cycle Challenge (Johannesburg, SA), each with more than 28 thousand
    racing cyclists competing.

   Not only did I complete these races comfortably, but also did so in the top of my category!

   The total lack of comprehensive guidance and material was also my biggest frustration when I
   started out and wanted to become a racing cyclist.

    I just could not find ANY guide that gave me exact step-by-step strategies to equip and train myself,
   -forcing me to go through the whole experience on a "trial and error" basis.

   I had to buy and search through several cycling books, magazines and so-called cycling guides to find
   some of this information in bits and pieces. As a result I missed out on critical information and made
   many mistakes in the process, which I was not warned about, and did not expect! 

   Now you can avoid similar nasty experiences.  I have done the legwork for you, and through trial
   and error, I have gained the experience to be able to provide you with all the best information you are
   looking for, all easily accessible and all at the same place!

   Some of the typical problem areas that I (and I am sure you too!) struggled to
    find answers to:

   Deciding on the right bicycle for you, and what pitfalls to avoid:
        Not knowing what Bicycle to buy.
        Not knowing what to look for when buying a bicycle for cycling races.
        With so many types and models on the market, and with the added aspect of COST,
          this is a potential minefield!
        What size bike is right for you, how should your saddle fit, etc.

   Bicycle Equipment, what you need and what not:
        What additional cycling gear do you need to be able to participate in a cycling race?
          What are compulsory, and what are "nice-to-haves"?
        Even more important - once you have purchased all your equipment, how to set it all up?
        What about emergancy roadside repair? What do you need?
        How to care for your bicycle? Have you struggled to decide when to lube and wash and
          when not to, and what type of lube, detergent to use, etc.?

   How to fit your bike yourself:
        How to fit your bike for top performance?
        How to fit it for comfort?
        How to fit your saddle?
        What is the right crank length to use?

   What basic bicycle techniques do you need to know to be competitive:
        What is drafting all about?
        How to go about bunch riding?
        What are the rules and etiquette during a race and within a bunch?
        How to handle the water bottle and drinking while racing?
        What each hand signal means and what is expected with regards to signalling?

   Which training program will provide adequate fitness and skill to be able
    to participate successfully in my first race?

            How to train to get fit for a cycle race?
            What is the correct cycling training schedule?
            What cycling training mistakes to aviod?
            What about cross training?
            How to improve your cycling speed?
            How to improve your cycling endurance - essential when you start entering longer distance races.
            How to train, to successfully learn to climb - how to improve your power?

       Which race is suitable as a first event?
              What to look for in a first cycle race?
              How to enter, and if there are qualifying criteria? What does licensing mean?

         How do I prepare myself adequately for the demands of race day?
                How to prepare for race day - before race day?
                What to do on the day of the race, what to pack, what to eat, where to go, etc.
                What to do during the race to ensure the best possible result?
                What to do immediately after the race to reduce recovery time?

           What role does nutrition play in the success or failure of a cyclist?
                  What to eat before, during and after a cycling race?
                  What to do to lose weight with cycling?
                  Which foods will enhance, and which foods will hamper cycling performance?
                  What gels or drinks to consume during a cycling race?

             So - what you really need to address your frustrations and concerns is a practical,
             to the point guide tp prepare and get ready for cycle racing.

             With this in mind I compiled:

          "The Complete Road Race Training Guide"

             Your complete guide to getting equipped and trained in the shortest period of
             time to complete your first cycle race with ease!

             This comprehensive guide was compiled with the purpose of assisting people by providing detailed
             information on all aspects of cycle racing, from cycle equipment selection to racing cycle
             training to cycling safety and more.

             Using this Guide you will receive detail on cycling equipment available to ensure you make an
             informed decision on what to buy to cater for your individual need:

             A. Cycling Equipment

               Bicycle Selection - You will be provided with detail on different types of bicycles.
                  This will enable you to select the correct bicycle to suit your needs, and thereby ensure
                  hassle free cycle racing.

               Cycle Gear & Equipment - You will be receive detail on different types of gear
                  and equipment on the market. This guide will also provide you with tips on equipment
                  necessities and enable you to select the correct gear and equipment to suit your personal
                  needs for cycle racing.

               Equipment Fitting - You will receive all the information to enable you to correctly fit the
                  gear and equipment.

               Bicycle Fitting - You will be able to fit and set up your bike correctly according to your
                  person, to ensure optimum power ratio's and comfort.

               Bicycle Maintenance - You will learn how to correctly care and maintain for your bicycle
                  to make it last a very long time.

             Having selected and obtained all the right cycling gear and equipment needed, this guide then
             focuses on the most important aspect of racing cycling.

             B. YOU, your Training and Competing in Bicycle racing. Everything you need to
             know to train for, to compete and complete any cycle race comfortably.

               Training Program - This guide will provide you with full details to enable you to set up a
                  racing cycling training program to ensure that you get cycling fit without injuries, and without
                  expensive gym contracts. You will also be able to enjoy the beautiful outdoors whilst training
                  at your own correct level and pace.
                  You will be able to plan your training for a specific race to make sure that you complete the
                  day feeling on top of the world!

               Cycle Racing Techniques - The racing cycling techniques will be explained in full and you will
                  know exactly how to train and use these advanced cycling techniques to improve your
                  cycle racing.

               Improved Cycling Speed - This guide will explain the theory behind the techniques, and
                  provide details and tips for you to learn how to improve on your cycling speed.

               Hill Climbing - This guide will explain and teach you the techniques required for you to
                  cycle up a hill faster and stronger.

               Racing Cycling Endurance - You will learn how to improve your endurance, so you can
                  cycle (or work, if you want to!) for longer without getting tired.

               Preparation - With all the detail provided you will be able to complete your first race,
                  feeling confident that you are well prepared.

             One of the MOST important aspects of cycling racing that is often overlooked or neglected is
             Nutrition and hydration. Because the correct nutrition and hydration is of paramount importance
             to successful racing cycling, this guide puts a lot of emphasis on the aspect of nutrition.

             C. Nutrition. Learn the theory behind nutrition and discover how to improve your
             performance through correct nutrition.

               Nutritional & Hydration Facts: The science behind cycle racing nutrition and hydration will
                  be explained for you to better understand your personal nutrition and hydration needs.
                  You will also be able to calculate your specific nutritional and hydration requirement. 

               Racing Nutrition & Hydration: You will learn how to plan your nutrition and hydration
                  during a cycle race. 

               Racing Performance: You will learn what to eat to improve your cycling performance, but
                  also important, you will be able to identify foods that may adversely affect your performance.

               Race Recovery - With the facts explained to you, you will know what to do to make your
                  post-race recovery speedy and painless, and to be ready to tackle your next big step-
                  a longer race!!!

               Weight Loss & Dieting - This guide will assist you to plan your diet to optimize and improve
                  your cycling training. You will also be able to lose weight without dieting, should you wish to.

             Another important aspect of racing cycling that is very often overlooked is cycling safety.

             D. Cycling Safety

               Own Safety - You will be able to apply basic safety measures to ensure your own
                  cycling safety.

               Injuries - You will know what to do when a fellow cyclist becomes injured for any reason.

               Ailments - You will know how to handle minor ails and complaints.

             In addition this guide will also provide you with the necessary information for you to be able to
             evaluate cycling clubs and make an informed decision should you wish to join one.

             With this wealth of information I am sure you can see how YOU can easily apply the principles
             to gear up and train for your first cycle race in 5 short weeks. Imagine yourself being able to
             complete your first cycle race before another month has gone by?

             After reading through this guide and applying the principles and techniques discussed,
             you will know how to:

               Select, fit and kit up your racing bicycle;
               Plan you training program to be ready and fit for your first cycle race;
               Learn about advanced cycling techniques to improve performance and endurance;
               Know what to eat and what to avoid to achieve the best possible performance;
               Know how to evaluate a cycling club;
               Know how to prepare for your first cycle race;
               Know what to do to make your first cycle race enjoyable and worry-free;
               Know how to be a safe cyclist.
               Know how to look after your precious bike

          This comprehensive guide also include both a
          Summer Cycling and Winter Cycling Training Programs.

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             Looking at how this comprehensive guide can help you to train for and complete
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          "The Ultimate Cycle Race Training Guide"

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             PS.  Just in case you are still hesitating!

             You could decide not to order this guide, and continue with the trial and error methods that many
             cyclists use. That is perfectly fine. But imagine how you are going to feel a month from now when
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             knowing that you could have been one of them had you made the decision to start today.
             Using this guide you would have been well equipped, trained and prepared, and also finish that race
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             You could decide to shop around, buy a whole lot of other guides with little or no practical
             information, book sessions with a coach, and finish your first cycle race when you want to
             -but how much will it cost you then? Not only in money, but also in time? 


             You can decide to order your copy of the The Complete Beginner Racing Cyclist Guide" today,
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          What are you waiting for?

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